Better connected systems. 
Better connected customers.

Whether your business struggles with technologies that don’t talk to each other, resulting in frustration and inefficiency; or find yourself relying on legacy systems which just don’t work in a modern digital world, understanding exactly what’s broken and how to fix it is vital.

Our project management is agile, our approach is UX-led, we run workshops and have robust tech stacks; we use the latest communications and management software to keep everything in one place. We keep the process as simple as possible so that ultimately we can focus on the end goal, delivering great outcomes and results.

mobile devices displaying the homesafe app

Mobile app design and development.

Whether launching a new product or utilising an technology to enhance your existing brand experience, apps are designed to solve life's problems in an intuitive and enjoyable way.

  • From Web Apps to iOS and Android-native app design and development, our process remains UX driven.
  • Developing user stories and flows to create new digital products which perform.
  • Fusing creativity and technology to bring your solution to life with wonderfully simple UI which delivers a great experience and keeps users coming back. 
tablet device showing the Oktra CRM system

Product and system development

Our bespoke and custom system builds are class-leading. From custom CRM and eCommerce platforms to data tools, we keep everything clear and focused on what is most important to you and your users, providing your business with what it needs to get started and thrive. 

  • Focusing on the Minimum Viable Product makes delivery fast and efficient
  • Prioritising business critical features means that development is always optimised
  • No more over time and over budget: on time and on budget with a focus on what’s important to your business
  • Continuously reviewing and communicating throughout the development process ensures transparency.
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We reached out to the team at Wonderful to pitch when it came to re-designing the 123Send website. Working with Wonderful enabled us to partner our need for technical advancement of our website with a digital brand refresh to ensure that we continued to be positioned as industry-leaders in payment solutions. It was vital to approach the project collaboratively and their team quickly understood our brand and requirements, enabling them to efficiently design, build and enhance our digital presence. Throughout the project, the team were always on hand to answer any questions or concerns. The final design output was head and shoulders above our existing site, and Wonderful delivered on time and on budget. We have received hugely positive feedback on the end result from customers and industry peers and have seen an improvement in our online customer acquisition as a result."

Catherine Martin, Group Marketing Manager, 123Send

Software of Excellence

We tasked Wonderful with creating a virtual event , we had 5 weeks from concept to delivery. Although not without challenges, the process was collaborative and efficient. The resulting event was to Wonderful's usual high quality

Ofer Yatziv-Green, Marketing Manager, Software of Excellence, Henry Schein


We have been really impressed with the solution focused approach by the entire Wonderful team. Their attention to detail has really helped us to deliver on time and to budget whilst have stunning creative visuals and a top notch website.

Laura McCarthy, Marketing Director, Dreamland

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The complete technology service

We don't just deliver products and projects, we'll stick around to ensure your technology keeps on moving forward, improving and keeping you ahead of the competition. Apps that don't evolve with their users get deleted and forgotten, websites that are built and just left alone won't perform.


Usability and optimisation

User Experience is paramount, and the fundamental principle from which our web, app and system design and development is rooted.


System Integrations

From legacy systems to the latest technologies, we build solutions which play nicely with others, and integrate seamlessly with your existing operations.


Hosting and support

We don't just build your solution and leave you to it. We're here to host and support your solution, ensuring robust up-time, performance and continual development.

Empowering brands through data-driven decision making

Data and Insight from OmniBI.

Complex data made Wonderfully Simple. 

Delivering transparency and insight like never before, Wonderful’s proprietary business intelligence data tool, OmniBI changes the game, enabling you to have full transparency & visibility of the impact of your website or app, as well as your campaigns, measuring against KPIs & targets. 

Our Work

We have worked with some Wonderful clients and provided some amazing solutions that have taken their businesses to the next level. From full E-commerce website builds to bespoke CRM systems, take a look at some of the Wonderfully simple solutions we have delivered.

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