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Your customers are looking for authentic experiences; experiences that align to the proposition and the purpose at the core of your brand. We help to uncover this brand story, define it and create the tools to communicate it.

We develop branding that’s aligned to your goals, that’s full of life and is tailored specifically to the needs of your business, product and customers.

“Branding should tell your story, connect people to your idea or product and help build your brand around something real that people can experience. It attracts investment, staff and customers that want to be part of your vision.”

Philip Hansen, Creative Director

Brand strategy and Insight

Defining what your brand positioning, brand value proposition, personality and values are is essential to engaging customers with your business and building long term success. Customer and market insight combined with a process that defines your brand story can help you unlock the potential of your brand. We work with some of the world’s biggest brands to develop the strategy that informs their naming, brand architecture, language and visual identity. We help create brand stories that cut through the noise and shine a light on what’s great about your business.

Brand Identity

We develop branding that provides a rich toolkit of assets that can be used to tell your brand story, with brand guidelines that encourage creative and consistent application. We are completely channel agnostic, using the most appropriate tools to creatively engage your customers from language to colours, imagery to animation. Our brand identities are designed to deliver an experience that lives and breathes your values, that ensures you have ownable assets that are distinctive to your brand and authentic to your purpose. Way beyond applying logos, we can help you to create a brand identity that connects your thinking to your customers.

Creative brand Content

Brand content marketing is a great way to generate brand awareness and authority. Ambitious, modern brands require clear, creative, digital-first, multi-channel expressions. Every application of the brand must be distinctive and attract attention, with enough quality and value to engage customers. Whether general brand communications, e-books, infographics, video, animation or large-scale exhibition stands, every interaction with your customer should tell them what you do and how you do it.

Brand Engagement

Branding is always about people. Whether we are adjusting perceptions, describing a new idea or helping to tell a new story, people are the ultimate focus for any branding activity. Having worked with hundreds of brands to help them to launch or transition, we know that an essential key to the success of any change project is engaging stakeholders. From stakeholder workshops and interviews, to brand launch events, training and even installing libraries to encourage brand values; engaging and activating staff and other stakeholder groups is what transitions branding into an authentic brand.


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