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Video Content delivers impact, emotes & entertains. High quality, professionally produced video content can be a vital contributor to engagement with your brand and ultimately deliver business growth.

“Video content is more than just a gimmick. Engagement levels with video content have proven themselves to be more dominant than any other medium, and with 83% of marketers citing video’s growth in importance, endorsed by 84% of consumers claiming to have bought something after watching a video, it’s not just us that can see the value.”

James Gray, Head of Digital



From digital outputs including product explainers, customer testimonials and social media advertising; to full broadcast-quality TV advertisements, our professional in-house video production team deliver premium quality and high impact on tight deadlines. Coupling our own rig, and access to a huge array of studio quality equipment with our classically trained film crew, clients can be assured of a professional quality output whether shot in a studio or on location. Our videos are used to generate leads, deliver viral reach, inspire and educate, increase website conversions and improve brand recall. 


Whether an existing client or a new partner, we take a collaborative approach to your corporate video requirements, enabling us to get under the skin of your business, your brief and your specific objectives to deliver a considered and compelling story for your brand. 


Launching new products, or demonstrating new product features can often be a challenge when relying on copywriting and image-led documentation alone. Explainer and demo videos are the most succinct way to demonstrate the features and benefits of your product, whilst showing potential and existing customers how it can work in ‘real world’ scenarios. Whether used as a sales tool, or as a customer support asset, these videos provide ROI in terms of customer acquisition and retention for your business. 


GE Healthcare is a name synonymous with innovation in the healthcare sector. They came to Wonderful with a brief to deliver a video which could help bring their new product to life, increase stakeholder engagement and explain the features and benefits of their revolutionary new system. Shot on location in a real-world Hospital environment, our team storyboarded and scheduled the shoot to ensure we delivered courteous, professional and efficient service on a very tight schedule. Utilising high-end cinematography, interviews and authentic on-site footage helped showcase the positive impact this system would leave on such a fundamental operation. 

“Working to a very tight timescale, and delivering ahead of deadline, Wonderful produced a video full of impact, which played a vital role in the success of GE’s presentation at the NHS Expo. Their team were highly professional and, through a thorough briefing process, were able to convert our concept into a strong storyboard, whilst remaining flexible during the shoot in a busy hospital environment. We have had overwhelmingly positive feedback on the final product from the senior team, including GE’s CEO of Command Centres who said: “If you haven’t already, check out this video about Bradford CC. It’s very good. Makes me proud to do this work.” We look forward to working with the team on future projects.”

Stephen Verdi, Operations Manager, GE Healthcare Partners


It’s become common knowledge that video allows you to increase recall and awareness of your brand; never more-so than in today’s digitally wired consumer culture. Platforms like Facebook & YouTube regularly report that video increases ad recall, brand awareness and purchase consideration/intent even with view duration of just a few seconds. Brand video strategy is now highly measurable, particularly in the digital environment, enabling you to demonstrate ROI through advanced end-to-end tracking. Let us tell your brand’s story. 


In addition to traditional corporate and brand-led video strategies, brands are looking more and more to create reasons to return to their own platforms through the delivery of engaging and entertaining content. Whether this is the regular owned blog-native content, or videos posted across other social media and blog platforms, this content will be associated with your brand and your product, and brings a ‘stickyness’ between you and your wider user community, as well as being shareable, likeable and actionable. 


MotorMouth is a brand new motorsport community platform with website, app and podcasts, and added video production to their wider marketing and content strategy. Having engaging exclusive, on-platform content is absolutely integral to their wider business strategy, delivering video you can’t find anywhere else from around the world of motorsport. The Wonderful team very quickly developed a visual style for presenter’s Tim Silvey and Harry Benjamin, packaging content gathered by our professional film crew at events such as Goodwood Festival of Speed and British Touring Cars at Silverstone to produce short-form entertainment pieces which engage and entertain users on the platform. Watch more. 


Gone are the days when text-based testimonials from customers delivered the most value. Alongside online review platforms, testimonials are one of the most reputable sources of endorsement for any product, but written quotes can still often seem rather impersonal and could be misconstrued to be contrived/manipulated for the brand’s gain. Video testimonials show more than just the written word. They show genuine, human testimony of the company and/or it’s products, delivered from a real person, enthusiastically connecting to a real audience. They exude authenticity, enhancing the validity of the positive endorsement and, ultimately, have a higher chance of encouraging conversion. People buy from people, after all. 


Video production doesn’t have to solely rely on shot footage. Utilising animation and motion graphics to visually represent your concept can often simplify and bring some clarity to your messaging. The addition of brand-compliant graphics, idents, lower thirds and lock-ups to your video content ensures your products and services are correctly represented whilst giving consumers an idea of what they can expect from your company. 


Text-based documentation is a valuable, some might say integral, part of your products and services. However, with so many products and services now requiring users to immerse themselves in process and demonstration, video tutorials can be a valuable extension of this. Complex concepts and processes can be simplified by splicing together animations & demonstrations of common product use-case scenarios. Statistics show that adding video to your sales and marketing process aid conversion and improve ROI. 


Events are expensive. So, maximise their ROI by extending their lifetime value through the use of video. Filming corporate events, speaker sessions and product launches, and using outputs to add longevity and drive attendees back into your funnel ensures you maximise the value of the content delivered at your event. Whether capturing a highlights reel for your social channels, or capturing real human engagement at an experiential stunt, you can be assured of a Wonderful output which will maximise returns on your event. 


Whilst Vlogs and Vlogging are often seen as a gimmick, they may be the correct vehicle for your brand to engage with your audience; or for you to grow your personal brand to develop an authority in a certain space. Vlogs (video blogs) have a personal touch which standard interview or testimonial-type videos can often not replicate, however, they do not need to be shot in an amateur fashion. Professionally filmed and edited vlogs are becoming common place, particularly on platforms such as LinkedIn and YouTube, and our team can shoot and edit these to maximise quality whilst retaining that all-important authenticity. 


Wherever your video content sits within your video marketing strategy, it should convey your brand values, make your company more relatable, and improve brand recall. With our tracking and analytics capabilities, we can tie this into your wider marketing strategy and demonstrate ROI through increased engagement, leads, conversions and sales.


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