Generating more website leads from a global B2B audience, with clearer UX, content personalisation and advanced hubspot integration. The results speak for themselves!


THE CLIENT provides insights-led health strategy to inform planning, communications and policymaking among some of the world’s largest healthcare companies, government organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).


The existing website was dated and starting to become challenging to manage. Through years of internal development, using an array of tools, plugins and in-house design & content creation, the site lacked clarity, structure and hierarchy. CREATION's abundance of high-value content was not being leveraged to maximum impact as a result of poor navigation and categorisation, which did not necessarily demonstrate their brand's standing in the field of Pharma & Healthcare.

Wonderful were engaged to design & build a new website that would be able to fulfill both informational needs, and provide opportunities to generate and nurture new leads - as well as bringing the brand to life.

Creation Co Wireframes for website

"The depth of content on the site required a complete overhaul of existing categorisation and tagging conventions, as well as intricate inter-dependencies between products/services and disciplines."



Wonderful proposed a new digital platform that would position as the experts they are. Bringing their array of healthcare and pharma consultancy solutions into order, whilst linking these intuitively to specific high-value articles, whitepapers, webinars and blogs was key to presenting the depth of industry knowledge available from the brand.

A new website would be created to properly cement this brand position, bringing everything to life through dynamic design, a superior mega-nav menu, advanced search and filtering functionality and subtle yet professional feeling transitions and effects.

Through workshops and the Wonderful UX process, CREATION's users were profiled and their needs & demands outlined, strongly influencing the fundemental architecture of the site. The new digital identity and web design was elevated to polish existing presentation of the brand online, whilst the enhanced structure gave a clearer presentation of both solutions and knowledge for users.

The key aspect of this project was the reorganisation of content & resources, and the complex relationships between them built into the platform. This back-end architecture allows for more refined front-end experiences, creating clear user journeys tied to areas of interest, therapy area, region and key solutions. This enables users to find content and information whilst building trust and authenticity for the brand. 


Beyond a typical B2B website, has advanced functionality, personalisation, Hubspot integration and beautiful UI, leading users on a journey to engage with content which matches their disciplines, job roles and needs. A website that generate leads and converts more customers.

The results speak for themselves. 

  • +65% Average session duration
  • -10% Bounce rate down
  • +13% Number of sessions per user
  • +7.75% Conversion rates
  • Reduced unsubscribe rate on email marketing

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