Targeted Multi-Format B2B LinkedIn Campaign for the Italian ICT Procurement Market



CSI Lifecycle Services Italia are the Italian territory subsidiary of CSI Leasing Inc, a global leader in ICT leasing and procurement services.

CSI Leasing approached Wonderful to help digitise and automate new lead acquisition for their Italian division. Through initial discovery, it became apparent that LinkedIn was the channel most aligned to this with the budgetary limits and audience profiling. 

CSI Leasing had previously explored a very defined target user base, and Wonderful worked with their senior Sales and Marketing teams to build this out accurately across locations, company size, industries and job roles to generate a hyper-focused targeted audience geared to engage and convert. 

The team also worked together on unpacking key pain points to enable carefully composed messaging laser-focused on problems experienced typically by those working in procurement and purchasing of ICT infrastructure.



Having crafted a well-defined audience and defined problems, Wonderful set about producing copy and imagery designed to grab attention and raise inquisition through a carousel ad. Designed to be versatile and optimisable, the team crafted 7 key messages for a 5-space carousel, speaking to a range of industry pain points most commonly felt by a typical lead. Featuring a number of interchangeable tiles, the campaign could be optimised based on which key messages were landing most effectively, enabling micro-level conversion improvements throughout the duration. 

In addition to the impressions and engagement garnered by the carousel ad, a highly tailored message campaign was crafted. Utilising native Italian translators, Wonderful worked closely with the CSI Leasing team to compose a conversational ad-flow which would introduce the brand, encourage interest and further research, and ultimately generate lead form submissions. Through some minor language tweaks and optimisations, the inbox messaging conversation and native lead-gen form generated impressive CPL and high engagement rates. 



During an initial 4 week campaign period, the campaigns garnered over 43,000 Impressions (Carousel Ad & Message Sends) generating over 2,500 Total Engagements including link clicks, landing page visits, social interactions and lead form submissions, culminating in a combined engagement rate of 8.67%. 

With just €1.50 CPC, and a CPL of €76.34, this campaign grabbed attention and built brand awareness through the carousel campaign, whilst nurturing users through conversational interaction and, ultimately, delivering affordable high-quality leads surpassing client expectations.

"Working with direct, message-format advertising is always a challenge. Getting the tone, the verbiage, and the messaging ‘just right’ is really important if conversations are going to feel natural, non-spammy and to build trust – I’m really happy our team were able to craft optimised audiences & design persuasive ads to instil the trust required for high-quality lead generation."

James Gray, Head of Digital, Wonderful

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