Healthshare case study

Creating a robust new web platform, enhanced user experience & refreshed digital branding capable of handling the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry & representing the professionalism and quality of Healthshare’s services. 

Healthshare website design project


Healthshare were established in 2009 by a group of NHS clinicians, and they strive to improve NHS care. Through innovation and in partnership with patients, GPs and hospitals, they have grown to be one of the largest providers nationally of integrated community-based care working with the NHS, helping to bring high-quality care closer to people.

They specialise in the design and delivery of Integrated Community Clinical Services and Diagnostics across MSK (musculoskeletal), Physiotherapy, Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, Pain, Women’s Health, Podiatry, Cardiology and Gastroenterology serving over 360K NHS patients per year across 25 CCGS and 27 Prisons. Quite the challenge. 


As the company has grown, a range of subsidiaries and departments all developed their own individual digital presence. In total, a range of 7 different websites, with 7 different user journeys, different digital branding and a range of functionality were in existence. This led to a disparate user experience and a range of poorly designed and unnavigable user journeys, as well as a huge challenge for the Healthshare team in terms of management. 

The healthcare industry, particularly when working with the NHS, is vastly dynamic and requires adaptability, something which this structure could not facilitate any longer. 

Healthshare services

“Healthshare approached Wonderful to condense and consolidate their web presence into one master website which could handle their current product and service offering, whilst retaining functionality & delivering a refreshed, unified digital brand identity”

Simple mobile ux navigation


The project was kicked off with Wonderful’s Discovery phase. This involved mapping out all seven current websites and taking functional and technical requirements of the new website in order to work out the best approach within time and budget.

During our scoping it became apparent that user journeys were a fundamental issue with the current, disjointed set up, making the Discovery Phase as important from a UX approach, as it was a technical stand point. 

User segmentation, profiling and journey flows were mapped out and aligned to a technology suite that would deliver on all the requirements. The result of the Discovery phase was a fully scoped system and roadmap to develop it. We focussed primarily on the two lead functional user groups of Patients and NHS Partners who both had very distinct needs and desired actions, as well as motivations for interacting with the brand. 

Healthshare locations on a map

UX process

Our UX team then set to work marrying up motivations with objectives and desired on-site actions to ensure short and succinct user journeys for all user types. Patients, for example, were motivated by specific ailments when looking for a healthcare provider, so this became a distinct start point, with Clinical and Diagnostic pathways very clearly aligned to these motivations. What treatment, where users could be treated, how to refer themselves, and what the experience would be like were all questions we needed to answer through design and through the various user journeys. 

As with anything related to personal healthcare, it is important that trust and authority are built throughout the user experience. Knowing Healthshare are the most professional and best placed brand to facilitate user’s healthcare or partner needs was vital, and this was achieved by taking a fresh approach to their digital branding, ensuring that the website redevelopment led the honing of their wider brand presence. Documentation, downloadable guides and pamphlets were all rebranded and redesigned to be more in-line with this new, enhanced visual identity. 

Healthshare new website

The Results

Transforming the digital presence of a brand with such a complex and disparate online footprint was a challenge the team relished. 

Wonderful delivered a new, professional, visually enhanced website with phenomenal improvements in user experience and usability, whilst improving their digital brand as much as their digital infrastructure. 

Improvements in conversion rates and quality of conversions were felt, but as tracking was lacking previously, there were no statistics to emphasise just how much of an impact this had had. However, as always we pride ourselves on being data-driven, and the initial statistics verified the success felt by us and the client, where comparing the months before and after go-live, they experienced: 

  • 475% increase in sessions
  • 80% increase in session duration
  • 32% increase in sessions per user
The HealthShare Case Study

“Working closely with the Wonderful team really helped to ensure this project was a success. Multiple stakeholders were involved in the process to bring a complex web presence, on multiple domains, together into one simple site. It was a process that started with our branding strategy and was then executed through our website and brand comms. It was a project that we truly enjoyed from beginning to end and we are very happy with the results”

Luke Kellaway, Business & Innovation Manager


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