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Creating a new visual identity that emphasises culture and history for creative and tech specialists in the commercial property sector, Making Moves.

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Creative and tech specialists in the commercial property sector, Making Moves are a company with a big personality working to create an engaging, personalised experience for businesses making a change to their premises.  


Making Moves were looking to bring their culture and team dynamic to life on their digital platforms, demonstrating their personality and company roots to their users whilst bringing properties, places and spaces to life online.

Wonderful were engaged to craft a bold new solution that would communicate the core of Making Moves and their proposition to businesses, with the delivery of a new website and brand experience to put Making Moves at the forefront of the industry.

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"UX and digital have harmoniously worked together to improve journeys and on-site conversions, driving traffic through joined-up digital campaigns"

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Wonderful proposed a brand elevation that would accurately reflect their personality and industry positioning, creating a fresh visual language to extend across multiple digital platforms that accurately communicates who they are. 
To fully realise the elevation of the Making Moves brand, Wonderful endeavoured to design and build an industry-leading website that would combine digital and commercial functions with a paramount experience for users.

Through the evaluation of user journeys and service structures, Wonderful was able to assess how existing digital assets impacted on customer understanding of Making Moves services and digital pathways, particularly in comparison to their competitors, and re-approach how users interact with both the brand and the business online.

A new visual identity based on the personality & history of the brand was developed through our iterative design processes, using workshops and feedback to create strong graphic assets and typography to encapsulate Making Moves and their strong local knowledge and connection to London.

We also worked to create and then promote the utilisation of animated assets and interactive mapping on the Making Moves website, implementing unique brand experiences with a clear visual style that would bring life and motion to the website, resulting in an engaging experience for users that was also intimately linked to their digital interactions, as well as the Making Moves brand. This website imagery could then be reproduced and re-utilised across other digital channels and wider business branding.

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To further enliven the search for office (or other commercial) space for users that would make Making Moves stand out against their competitors, Wonderful revamped site search functions and result visualisations, allowing the emphasis on the key elements of a business space through fully detailed office overviews that bring properties life, and a focus on the most important features for users.

New implementations were created around functions that would have the most impact on user experiences, including robust filtering mechanisms, and the ability to shortlist and share results. Direct online booking was made a functionality cornerstone to ensure that the website environment was fully in line with modern expectations around property searching. 

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To complete our solution for Making Moves, Wonderful utilised art direction expertise to manage and execute a photoshoot that would seek to demonstrate the very best of office space possibilities to users, and help Making Moves evangelise their services and search functions amongst their customers.

Beautiful spaces, appealing team imagery, and street photography around East London were key elements in giving users a real sense of the tech and creative spaces that Making Moves offers, as well as a tool to collectively display the brand’s intrinsic cultural connections.