Brand strategy, UI/UX across website & app, pre-launch & launch digital marketing campaigns, exclusive on-platform content and expert digital tracking & reporting for specialist fast-growth motorsport community app MotorMouth.



Passionate and well connected in the world of motorsport, the founders of MotorMouth had a vision to build the world’s most loyal and engaged motorsports platform, connecting fans with the industry, utilising partnerships with live race data & news aggregation coupled with machine learning technology, packaged and delivered through an iOS and Android app and desktop website platform. 


MotorMouth had already got underway developing their app with their in-house CTO and partnership with an industry leading machine-learning/AI content provider, and app developer. The challenge here was ensuring they all worked together to create a congruent message, look & feel; which is where our experience in digital and traditional brand strategy came into play. The app was already nearing 6 months of development when Wonderful were brought in to the team, to help build continuity and deliver a brand ethos which would help drive a genuine, engaged community of motorsport fans into the app. 

There is disconnect and disparity between how brands, formats and drivers connect with loyal motorsports fans, leading to a fractured marketplace and no ‘go to’ platform for motorsports fans. As a new concept to the sport of motor racing, the app was to launch from a standing start. No existing social presence to build on, no existing community, no existing marketing and certainly no brand. 

MotorMouth Assets


MotorMouth’s senior team had a fantastic idea, with massive potential, a very keen eye on their brand proposition, but no continuity in how this was being presented, or the methodology behind bringing this product to market. This is where partnering with Wonderful helped to really bring everything together. The MotorMouth team were moving apace with app development, website/platform development and content ideas; but had no strategic plan to tie these all together to deliver on their proposition. We got under the skin of the most recent iteration of both their app and website, alongside their app and content partners as well as in-house developers, to work through our branding process. Understanding the market, the tech, the current offering, alongside future goals and objectives are all crucial to being able tell the right story and to do so in a way that stands out from the competition. 

Wonderful’s team very quickly had to aid in the UI/UX design of the app, having vital input at a crucial stage where the app was going into full production. Our team spotted potential future usability issues, and aligning with best practice, made some fundamental contributions to the redesign of the UX based on our findings. This was actioned by the app development team and contributed to avoiding a number of initial potential stumbling blocks. Whilst working on these very specific elements/outputs, we worked with MotorMouth to define their brand identity, visually. This involved working with our brand experts on developing (or in some cases just defining existing) tone of voice, messaging and copywriting, as well as the integral visual style (logo, colours, fonts & supporting assets), with the outcome being an updated set of brand guidelines. 

With a new brand position and redefined visual style, the next task was to bring the brand’s new digital presence to life through a strategic pre-launch marketing campaign.

As with all community platforms, they just don’t work unless you have an audience of engaged and digitally active users. The key to launching this product and, ultimately making it a success laid with two main streams: Driving numbers of active, engaged users; and keeping the app “sticky” enough for them to interact with the motorsport community, to really build a sustainable critical mass of users. 

The pre-launch campaign was fundamental to the first of these elements – building a community before the app went live, to ensure it hit the ground running. Our pre-launch campaign was strategically planned to drive the growth of a database of contacts, to enable MotorMouth to publicise the launch of the app when it hit the app stores. Building buzz, driving traffic to a conversion-rate optimised landing page, all whilst instilling the values of the new platform were absolutely integral to the success of this element of the project. 

Our team used the new brand guidelines to design and build a conversion rate optimised landing page, capturing data for a “Test Drive” audience. This page was built to ensure data was collected in a GDPR compliant, secure fashion, and data was collated directly into into MotorMouth’s chosen email & CRM platforms. Custom analytics and tracking were also setup and CRM integration the landing page was ready to be released into the world. 


Once the landing page was designed and built, the next step was to drive high quality traffic to the page. In order to do this, Wonderful delivered a highly targeted multi-channel campaign across Google Adwords, Google Display, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter advertising; as well as the creation of an entirely new Social Media presence on all major networks. No mean feat.

Thanks to tracking being an integral part of our offering, we were able to track growth of all social channels, as well as the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns in users’ end-to-end journey, right through to sign-up. Doing this allowed us to tailor and iterate the campaigns, audience targeting and their collateral/messaging to ensure maximised ROI on all ad spend. 

We also utilised our in-house video production team to work with MotorMouth on the creation of bespoke content which could be teased across Social Media channels to drive people to download the app for the full content. This included some fantastic, creative, engaging and entertaining pieces conceptualised, shot and edited by ourselves at the iconic Goodwood Festival of Speed; as well as working with third party influencers like Sam (from SeenThruGlass) and driver Brand Ambassadors such as Bobby Thompson (BTCC) and Callan O’Keefe, which saw the MotorMouth logo on-track at some of the most glamorous circuits in the world during the pre-launch campaign and beyond. 



The strategic objective for the project was to create a clear tone and personality for the brand and build an engaged pre-launch audience ready for the app going live. The project worked as a real partnership between client and agency, allowing us to deliver continuity across all brand assets, as well as influencing the production of the app from both a visual and user experience sense; whilst our transparency and reporting ensured us of the freedom required to deliver a dynamic and high-performing campaign.

Through both organic and paid methods, as well as conversion rate optimisation on the landing page, MotorMouth’s community grew across all platforms. Headline stats included the acquisition of over 3,000 social “likes/followers”; 585 pre-launch users captured; leading to over 435 downloads (and counting) acquired very rapidly after launch! 

Plus content continues to play a key role, with over 500 views on their YouTube videos; and over 1100 listeners to their podcast to date, building the brand out even further beyond the app and website platforms. This audience is clearly engaged, with email open rates averaging around the 60% mark, and very high engagement on social platforms and in-app, demonstrating the quality as well as quantity of users driven into MotorMouth’s platforms.

We’re looking forward to continuing to grow the platform through the active launch and post-launch stages of the campaigns, as well as continuing our partnership with MotorMouth on their exciting unique on-site content. 


“Working alongside a business like MotorMouth, at such an early stage, gives us the opportunity to really get under the skin of the business and have a real impact on it’s performance. Being able to help deliver brand continuity, impact tech implementation, and build their launch community through creative marketing and content production has been genuinely rewarding, and our ability to demonstrate measurable lasting change to the business has given MotorMouth a strong foundation upon which to build their motorsport community.”

James Gray, Head of Digital, Wonderful