Creating and managing the flagship seasonal fundraising campaign for RBLI - a historic British charity engaged in essential work with military veterans.



As a charity, Royal British Legion Industries has been working with military veterans since 1919, offering employment, support, housing and care to armed forces personnel once their service has ended.


RBLI were looking for a partner to help their flagship annual fundraising campaigns around Remembrance Day, with the aim of driving relevant audiences to their storefront and specific product lines.

Wonderful were engaged to deliver a winning strategy based around social media, across 3 months leading up to Remembrance Day itself, that would deliver to key financial targets and utilise a range of custom audiences, copy and visual assets to achieve success.


"To ensure complete visibility over results, and within an interface tailored to RBLI’s KPIs & reporting needs, Wonderful turned to OmniBI - our own data & insight tool"



Wonderful created and implemented an agile campaign strategy that focused on the use of Facebook ads to drive awareness and sales, built around RBLI product groups and carefully selected audience segmentation that would allow for highly targeted ads without exhausting users.

Each ad group utilised a range of high quality visual assets, including still images and video, alongside copy variations that accounted for differences in product and audience selection, allowing results-driven optimisations to occur quickly and with maximum impact for each individual product.

Wonderful created a number of evergreen audiences and personas based on metrics including interests, previous interactions, any history of service, and more, that enabled us to use a granular approach without bogging down sales and distribution goals.

Specific alteration actions were planned across the lifetime of the campaign based on key dates and milestones, with updates to messaging and creative to reflect delivery times, proximity of the key campaign date (November 11th), and more.


As the campaign progressed, regular monitoring to optimise ad groups and audiences was carried out, as well as testing of new media and copy variations. As individual product popularity became clear, Wonderful was able to modify spend and budget weightings to re-prioritise specific items - as well as working with RBLI to implement updates due to product stock availability and changes in how the event could be referred to in advertising.

To ensure complete visibility over results, and provide the most up-to-date tracking of the campaigns within an interface tailored to RBLI’s KPIs and reporting needs, Wonderful turned to OmniBI (our in-house tracking tool), allowing detailed assessments of performance, optimisation success, and updated results forecasting on a daily basis.



  • 2.5mil impressions
  • 4.9mil reach
  • 190k link clicks
  • £300k + in sales
  • 1000% ROI
  • Consistent weekly growth in sales up to peak event date.

“The team at Wonderful were incredibly helpful throughout the entirety of our Remembrance Campaign. They provided us with great guidance, and were very quick to create the ads and implement changes when required. Ads and audiences were optimised regularly, keeping the campaign performance high. This led to our Remembrance campaign gaining a national presence, generating a 10x return on investment for the charity. I would not hesitate to use Wonderful for future campaigns.”

Dylan Murray, Digital Marketing & eCommerce Manager


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