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Digital Transformation through UX and digital marketing for Dental industry leaders
Software of Excellence

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Part of the global Henry Schein Group, UK-based Software Of Excellence provides practice growth for their clients through industry-leading digital dental solutions.


As with many established businesses in established industries, the status quo is hard to shake. Businesses with an older demographic, such as dentist practices, often still respond to traditional marketing methods such as direct mail campaigns and trade events, which is why Software of Excellence still maintained very high usage of these channels. With the industry at a turning point; a new generation of dental professionals living more digitally; and a number of cloud-based, digital-first competitors entering the market, Software of Excellence had to undergo digital transformation to continue to reach new customers and to maintain & grow market share.

"UX and digital have harmoniously worked together to improve journeys and on-site conversions, driving traffic through joined-up digital campaigns"



Partnering with a client on a digital transformation journey never comprises of just one isolated solution. It is important to develop a range of solutions with a joined-up, holistic approach to implementation which enables all stakeholders to benefit. Our discovery process enabled us to explore all the ways a website design and development project could work in tandem with a move to a more focussed CRM and marketing platform and an ambition to use digital channels to reach customers.
UX Journeys That Work
These considerations meant that our UX approach considered customer journeys from an array of new start points, including social media, email and content / inbound marketing, as well as more traditional touchpoints. We worked with SoE to really draw out their value proposition and distill it into key benefits to their core customer personas, and allowed that to inform our channel mix as well as site structure, information architecture and navigation. This approach led to a website with better experience, easier navigability, fewer dead ends, and more opportunities to nurture leads along the buying journey.

More Leads, Better Tracking
In addition to the digital applications for marketing and website, we also refined lead capture and communications, integrating with Pardot using a much more tailored range of forms featuring conditional logic and personalisation/pre-population as well as ensuring better routing. 

We were also able to make offline channels more trackable and effective using dynamic phone tracking as well as the addition of live chat, all through one simple to use interface. 

This transformation was also applied to annual marketing keystones such as large-scale trade events. Software of Excellence’s stand at the BDIA (the dental industry’s largest event) was always impressive, but after capturing attention, visitors didn’t always engage and existing customers didn’t always have a reason to visit. Through the creation of pre-event marketing with digital touchpoints giving the opportunity to pre-book appointment slots at the stand, as well as highlight areas of interest for their business and even the ability to pre-order a coffee or drink of their choice to be ready at the appointment, we had given potential and existing customers a real reason to attend and engage.


Ready For The New Normal
This digital transformation put Software of Excellence into a robust and stable position to leverage the challenges which came from the Covid-19 pandemic, as they were very quickly able to roll out & market a polished digital conference. The Bounceback Digital Dentistry event was conceived and produced in just 5 weeks and ran over two days, featuring webinars, seminars and breakout sessions exploring topics in the industry as well as product demos and Q&A sessions.

Now becoming standard practice, SoE were early adopters of this online event concept and benefited hugely as a result, filling a void of conversation in the marketplace in a time of unnerving uncertainty for dentists and practice managers, cementing their position as market leaders in a time where competitors went quiet and battened down the hatches.



With any digital transformation, it is important to report on a number of key metrics. In Software of Excellence’s case, the results of the web redevelopment, when coupled with a transition toward digital channels, were clear. 

Traffic has increased 294% YoY, organic bounce rate decreased to 57%, average time on site increased by 27%, on-site conversion rate has gone from under 1% to over 5.5% and in just a 6 month period, we’ve tracked over 11,000 phone calls (conversions which were not being tracked before). 

Through a combination of traditional marketing and digital embellishment, record numbers were driven to SoE’s BDIA stand (pre-pandemic) leading to record attendance, engagement, meetings & appointments and, ultimately, conversions. 

The Bounceback virtual conference was also a huge success. Over 2000 people attended the virtual event, with high engagement levels driving 800+ MQLs and 600+ Reactivated/Old Leads. This in turn became 300+ SQLs and over 210 Sales, in a time when the competition was quiet and the market was in disarray.