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In a year of mayhem and disruption, our first concern has of course been for our families, staff and clients ensuring their safety and wellbeing. There is so much we could write about the challenges we have all faced in 2020 (some might say "unprecedented"!), but as we come into the Christmas season, we wanted to share a few highlights of the year with you (partly to cheer ourselves up as we work from home in tier 3!). 

1. Serving our clients and seeing some great results.

Like so many other businesses, this year started as the year for pushing on and going further. As we now know, this year was actually about change on a scale and at a speed never seen in our lifetimes.

Many of our clients have been forced to innovate to survive, with the value of our partnerships never more important. It has been our privilege to help clients such as Software of Excellence launch a virtual festival within a few weeks of lockdown with over 2000 attendees and client engagement that helped them through the coming months.

To help RBLI deliver a data driven, digital ad strategy that drove over £1million in sales over a couple of lockdown weeks. We’ve run strategy workshops with clients like The Retail Mutual and DerbySoft, launched an employee brand to connect the 500 staff at Cantium Business Solutions and seen clients taking £millions in sales through their websites and digital channels due to the digital transformation work we’ve already done.

We’ve helped clients to define and create new things this year from new strategy, to brands, to building apps and systems. Completely bespoke innovations that will create growth in 2021 and beyond, but the reason I’m ending the year feeling really proud of our team is the ability they have shown to keep delivering during such adversity.

Philip Hansen, Creative Director. 


Launching many national sites to tight deadlines including HealthShare and Glaucoma UK during the first lockdown and delivering a new site for £billion business Menzies Distribution during the second.

A balance of fast paced innovation and a gritty reliability that is required to get things done during difficult circumstances. As 2020 has thrown curve balls and obstacles, we believe it has been our obligation to help turn those into opportunity and progress.

2. Launch of our own data product OmniBI


There's plenty of data to support the theories that 2020 has been a rather catastrophic year in many senses. However, more positively, 2020 was also the year the Wonderful team unveiled our game-changing proprietary data and insight tool, 
OmniBI (Omni Business Intelligence).

Born out of the struggles with data management & reporting many agencies and clients face, and from our team's passion to balance creativity with data-driven decision making, OmniBI was developed to reduce friction and complexity often experienced with ever-growing digital marketing behaviours. Brands are using a larger, more diverse range of channels than ever before, bringing even more data to the table as these channels expand their metrics. Sourcing, collating & understanding this is a huge challenge for many businesses, which is where OmniBI comes in, bringing multi-channel digital data into a single easy-to-understand, real-time dashboard that makes analysing, reporting and decision-making incredibly simple. 

Our team has worked tirelessly to bring OmniBI to life in 2020, and it has already started to bring real value to clients. From Marketing Executives looking to demonstrate the engagement from their latest social media campaign, to CMOs looking to demonstrate ROI across all marketing channels, the reliance on data to measure performance has never been more important - OmniBI has simplified these actions, cutting through the noise and consolidating the data which matters most - whilst the added insight from our expert team has demystified the data and ensured clients spend more of their budgets where it works, and less where it doesn’t. 

2021 sees further updates being rolled out across the platform, enabling even more data sources to be aggregated, presented beautifully, and with meaning. Watch this space and find out more about OmniBI here

3. New Offices

One of our key strategic moves this year was opening an office in Cape Town! Why Cape Town? Well, although it is a fantastic city with great weather and beautiful wines, that’s not the reason. We have clients and agency partners in South Africa and we have been looking for a while at where our next base will be. The opportunity arose due to one of our clients having some great office space and we found a great team led by Nick Nel who would spearhead the growth of OmniBI. We will be giving more details next year about Nick and the Cape Town office, but it’s been a real highlight this year opening a new office during this time. We haven’t even seen the office yet or met Nick face-to-face due to the pandemic, talk about the world becoming a smaller place!


4. Seeing the Team grow with some great people

Seeing our team grow in numbers, as well as in their careers, has been fantastic this year. We have had some great people join the team this year and to recruit five new members of the team has been a real blessing. This includes recruiting our first non-executive Director, Phil Jones.

Phil has been a key player in the creative and marketing industry for over 40 years and has bought so much value to Wonderful already. He’s an amazing support to the company and we look forward to building our strategic team in 2021.

   Wonderful_Insta_Phil-Creativepool Hui-Doggett Harley-Andrews

(From left: Phil Jones - Non-Executive Director, Hui Doggett - Executive Assistant, Harley Andrews - Marketing Account Director)

   Josie-headshot NickNel Michael-Davies

(From left: Josie Gray - Account Executive, Nick Nel – Business Manager, Michael Davies - Web Developer)



5. The Wonderful People Podcast

One of our highlights this year has been the launch of The Wonderful People Podcast. It’s been so refreshing to speak with people who’ve achieved incredible things in their lives and careers, but who talk honestly and candidly about the highs and lows of it all. We’ve heard some amazing stories, and when we launched the Podcast we didn’t want to churn out general marketing content or rhetoric, but deliver something of genuine value and insight. We have had some great feedback and we’ve been blown away by the stats for the first 10 episodes!

The podcast in numbers:

  • Over 1000 downloads of 10 episodes in 2 months 
  • Over 44,000 minutes listened 
  • Over 733 hours of stories
  • Reached #3 in the Apple Podcast charts in Marketing (and regularly in the top 50)
  • 5-star rating on all reviews


Our Podcast Christmas Episode 
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apple-podcast-image  spotify-podcast-badge-blk-grn-660x160  google-podcast


6. Being able to help others through the Wonderful Foundation

One of our greatest highlights this year has been able to support families and communities in this huge time of need. The Wonderful Foundation has always been Wonderful’s not-for-profit arm where we support local and international needs by empowering change makers to be able to make a greater impact. 

This year we have been able to support many people, including donating presents to 50 children in Maidstone, who otherwise would go without this Christmas. 

If you would like to find out more about The Wonderful Foundation, or would like to get involved in our Christmas present donation, please contact Dan Maudhub.

We wish you all a peaceful Christmas; a time to recharge and review the year, and we look forward to partnering with you in 2021.


Dan Maudhub
Dan Maudhub, Managing Director: is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for strategically lead, transformational business thinking. He founded Wonderful in 2010 and has helped brands such as Pfizer, NHS, GE Healthcare, Hyundai & Tesco to transform their brand, marketing and sales.

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